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On Media Monitoring – The Media and Their Contribution to Democracy

Josef Trappel & Werner A. Meier (Org.)

2011 | NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.


Josef Trappel & Werner A. Meier

NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. New York

This book questions how to monitor the contribution of mass media to democracy, and focuses on the initiatives, achievements and flaws of media monitoring. Moving beyond previous studies which have tended to discuss the legal issues related to media freedom alone, On Media Monitoring takes a broader approach, examining media structure, ownership, policy, economics, company conduct, law and regulation – all important indicators of how well the mass media serve contemporary democracies. Throughout, the book strikes a balance between monitoring initiatives with an academic, governmental, and non-governmental origin.

The book – which includes a new monitoring model, the Media for Democracy Monitor, together with the results of its initial empirical implementation – is intended to further discussion about how to monitor the contribution of the mass media to democracy. It is suitable for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and scholars who teach and reserach in this area.




Part I: Monitoring Media Freedom
1. Evaluating Media Freedom
Lee B. Becker & Tudor Vlad


2. Monitoring and Measuring Press Freedom on a Global Scale: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Freedom House Index
Karin Deutsch Karlekar


3. Challenges of Media Monitoring in Transition Countries
Lucie Hribal


4. Evaluating Freedom of the Media in New Democracies
Kristina Weissenbach


Part II: Monitoring Media Democracy
5. On Media Monitoring – the Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM)
Josef Trappel and Tanja Maniglio


6. The Nederlands
Leen d'Haenens


7. Germany
Frank Marcinkowski and André Donk


8. Switzerland
Tanja Maniglio and Josef Trappel


9. Portugal
Joaquim Fidalgo


10. Lithuania
Aukse Balcytiene and Egle Napryte
Part III: Monitoring Media Organizations
11. Monitoring Corporate Governance in U.S. and European Media Firms
Robert G. Picard


12. Media Organisations and Their Accountability to Democracy: Categories and Indicators
Torbjörn von Krogh


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