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Radio Content in the Digital Age. The Evolution of a Sound Medium

Angeliki Gazi, Guy Starkey & Stanislaw Jedrzejewski (Org.)

2011 | London: Intellect


Angeliki Gazi, Guy Starkey & Stanislaw Jedrzejewski (Org.)

London: Intellec

The traditional radio medium has seen significant changes in recent years with the current global shift toward multimedia content, with both digital and FM making significant use of new technologies, including mobile communications and the Internet. This book focuses on the important role these new technologies play-and will play as radio continues to evolve.
Originally from talks given at the 2009 Radio Content in the Digital Age conference in Cyprus, this series of essays by top academics in the field examines new options for radio technology as well as a summary of the opportunities and challenges that characterize academic and professional debates around radio today.



Introduction: Radio and the Digital Age


Part I: Convergence  

Chapter 1: Interactivity on Radio in the Internet Age: A Case Study from France – Blandine Schmidt
Chapter 2: Convergence in Spanish Talk Radio Stations' Websites with the Participative Resources Provided by web 1.0 and 2.0 – Jose Luis Requejo Aleman and Susana Herrera Damas
Chapter 3: Portuguese Internet Radio from 2006 to 2009: Technical Readiness and Openness to Interaction – Pedro Portela
Chapter 4: Radio and web 2.0: Direct Feedback – Carmen Peñafiel Saiz
Chapter 5: Radio as the Voice of Community: Locality, Interactivity and Experimentation – Maria Papadomanolaki

Part II: Content

Chapter 6: Blurring Fiction with Reality: The Strange Case of Amnésia, an Italian 'Mockumentary' – Tiziano Bonini

Chapter 7: Radio and the Web: Analysis of the News Strategies of the Spanish Talk Radio Networks, 2008-9 – Elsa Moreno, Maria del Pilar Martinez-Costa and Avelino Amoedo
Chapter 8: Lost and Challenged Content: Music Radio Alternatives and Cultural Practices – Vesa Kurkela and Heikki Uimonen
Chapter 9: Music Radio in the Age of Digital Convergence: A Case Study of the Catalan Context – Josep Maria Martí, Xavier Ribes, Maria Gutiérrez, Luisa Martínez and Belén Monclús
Chapter 10: Whatever You Say, Say Nothing: Analysing Topics on Liveline – Frank Byrne
Part III: Community
Chapter 11: Online Community Radio, an Alternative Model: Analysis of Characteristics, New Formats and Contents – Pascal Ricaud
Chapter 12: New Technologies and the Facilitation of Participation in Community Radio Stations – Rosemary Day
Chapter 13: The Future of Local Radio in the Digital Era: Opportunity or Threat? The Case of Small, Local, Community Radio in the Flemish Community – Hilde van den Bulck and Bert Hermans  
Chapter 14: Slovenia and the Origins of its Community Radio – Mojca Plansak  
Chapter 15: The Community of Radio Listeners in the Era of the Internet in Africa: New Forms and New Radio Content, the Fan Club Zephyr Lome (Togo) as a Basis for Analysis – Etienne L. Damome  
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